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This is a really old website which I wrote 10-15 years ago based on my own experience of writing TV scripts - but you may find some pages still useful. The same basic principles apply to writing stories, stage plays, screenplays, novels, radio drama, and any other fiction. My aim was simple: to cut through all the hogwash found in many of the books around at the time on ‘How to Write’!
Writing a story doesn’t require a mountain of complex techniques. In my experience there are some basic creativity techniques, and about half a dozen essential ingredients which create a compelling story. The only other things you need are passion and practice.
So this site explores those half-dozen basic ingredients that feature in all good novels, plays, TV scripts and screenplays. Additionally it passes on creative writing techniques which I was using for developing story outlines, writing scenes and so on. Above all, the aim of the site was to be practical, with lots of advice on writing stories.
I’m pretty busy with other stuff, but one day I’ll try to update the whole site. In the meantime you may find some of these pages useful in your own writing.
Disclaimer: Please note that pages on Story Insight are my own personal opinions, and other people are likely to disagree with me! None of it should be relied upon as professional advice. All I know is how it worked for me.
Good luck!
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